Connecting people to a real relationship with Jesus
to transform lives and transform neighborhoods.


"Over the years, NYC has come to be known as 'a tale of two cities,' divided along economic lines that impact racial diversity. We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring unification through personal transformation which leads to transformative Christ-centered relationships that cross boundaries of separation and subsequently neighborhood transformation through the implementation of ideas that address local problems. We will be on the front lines of this transformation as we plant neighborhood churches where those lines of separation are blurred.“


We aspire to be a diverse team utilizing the diverse talents and gifts that each makes each member unique and will make our church unique.


We are passionate about our neighborhood. CityReach is our way of connecting with the people, organizations, and other churches in central Harlem.

"Meet the City"

We sponsor Social Events to meet our neighbors and give them an opportunity to meet the church in a fun, low-risk, social setting. Its a great place to get to know us and for us to get to know you...


"Serve the City"

We embrace opportunities to serve our neighbors and neighborhood alongside other churches and other community organizations.  Its a great place to get to know us and for us to serve our neighborhood...


There's a Huddle for everyone to grow and connect more deeply with each other and to help support individual spiritual growth. Huddles meet online and in different places and spaces throughout the city.


God is generous. He has freely given to us so we imitate Him in this way, not out of obligation, but out of love. We seek to bless others and to practice generosity and selflessness by giving of our resources, time, gifts, and talents to advance God's Kingdom.