New Generation Community Church will launch in Central Harlem in early 2019...

And there's a place for you on our Launch Team! 

Do you want to be a part of something that makes a lasting impact in our community? Do you love the challenge of building something amazing from scratch? Do new adventures excite you? Are you wired to make a difference with your life?

New Generation Community Church will launch in Central Harlem in early 2019... Consider being a part of our launch team!  YOU can be a part of the New Generation Community Church story.

There is a place for you on the team where your unique gifts and passions can be put to use!

We are currently in the pre-launch stage of our church. At this stage, we’re not necessarily looking for attenders. We need PIONEERS who can help blaze the trail with us in this important phase of our journey.  Our goal is build a team of people who will get behind the vision and help get this church launched in early 2019.

We are meeting weekly as a Launch Team to share vision, build relationships, pray, discuss scriptures, serve in the community, and develop the frame work for launching a life giving church in our community.

Do You have any of these skills?  

Here are some of the talents we need on our Launch Team. This is by no means a complete list. Or, you may have skills that we need that we don't know we need yet...

Social Media
Event Planning
Creative Arts
Music Production
Interior Decorating
Sound Engineering
Set Design
Graphic Design


1. Commit to be there when we gather. This is a big one! Many people want to be part of a church, but showing up is sometimes challenging with all that goes on in life. We are asking for faithful team members who we can depend on. When guests show up, but nobody is there to greet them, it gets awkward -- quick!

2. Commit to serious prayer for the church plant. Most of the challenges we face have been overcome through prayer. This is our secret weapon.

3. Commit to Following Wholeheartedly. 

  • Have a positive and fun-loving attitude.
  • Be committed to learning, growing and personal development.
  • Be an outspoken advocate/bringer. The best way to reach people is by telling them & inviting them. We need individuals who will commit to bringing people.
  • Invite others to join the Launch Team and our Launch Day service.

4. Commit to giving. Oh shoot, is he talking about money???? We hope to be the most generous church in our community. That's only possible if we are generous as individuals. We ask the team to tithe and lead the way in generosity.

5. Commit to serving.

  • Be a team player and have a heart to serve wherever needed.
  • Actively participate in launch team meetings, service projects, vision nights, and other events hosted by New Generation Community Church.
  • We ask for team members to lead by example and serve regularly somewhere. Some will serve in our guests services area. Others will help the set up team, music, kids' check-in, hospitality, etc.