Was Easter Your Peak or Prelude?

As we are all coming down from an Easter Sunday high, it is so easy for us to get right back into our life’s routines — back to the busyness that yearns to distract us and put Jesus on the back burner. 

However, in the days following the resurrection, the excitement was just getting started as word began to travel that Jesus was alive, and as Jesus started to appear at different places. Jesus’ resurrection was the prelude to a movement of sharing this Good News and the launching of His church. Over a week had passed before the disciple Thomas even believed that these sightings were true. Some of us may even be struggling now to believe that God can resurrect something in our lives right on the heels of our Easter celebration. 

Don’t allow for Easter to be the peak of your Resurrection reflection.  Instead, this week and in the weeks coming, allow it to be the spark of a new desire of sharing the Good News about Jesus and a new hope in His power because of the reality of His resurrection.

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